It’s wonderful how September
rhymes with remember.
Remember when you took off
the month of September?
Three years later, what
did you lose by missing
that month of September?

It’s interesting how year
rhymes with tear.
Except when tear
rhymes with rare
which definitely doesn’t
rhyme with peer,
but then again that
rhymes with year.

I know you don’t forget
the year you had of tears
the tear (rhymes with rare)
made in the fabric
that sews you all together
with the people
who make
a living quilt
that holds you in that safe
In the end, did the year
of tears and
(rare) tears
reduce your body
of work
by much –
by any,
at all?

It all gets done
and it’s never done
it all adds up
even the subtractions
even the rends
in your heart
that heal over
just enough
to allow it to continue
despite its wound and
because of its wound
the right work… perhaps…
gets done.

March 12, 2013 Nia Simone

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