In appreciation for Owl McCloud’s 10 Most Beautiful animals, and for ranking the wolf as number one beautiful animal, here is a wolf chum of the family dog (photos taken in the 90s):

Kona 1

Kona 2 Kona 3

Kona and Chelsea
Kona and Chelsea

Kona 4

Note: Wolves can’t be kept as pets in the US. This one was taken from its owner. I hope and like to think Kona was taken to Wolf Haven.

People can have wolf-dog mixes though, and the owner went on to have mixed pets, also magnificent animals.

However there is a lot to be said for a thousand years of breeding. (Owl McCloud loves dogs too, so here is our last dog:)

Rarely this clean am I
Rarely this clean am I
It's cool under this  bush
It’s cool under this bush
Give me a break!
Give me a break!
Blaze's laugh
Quit taking pictures of me. (Mommy is SO glad she didn’t listen and insisted on getting photos of this wonderful girlie dog.)
At Pismo Beach
Bet you didn’t know a dog could run on water! (Pismo Beach, California)
Yes I'm gorgeous but I want to roll in dead things
Yes I’m gorgeous but I want to roll in dead things

Best friend of childhood:


3 thoughts on “Blogisphere appreciation day, a wolf and 3 dogs

  1. Omg!! Thank you so much for shearing this Nia!! That Wolf is Beautiful!!! 🙂
    Wish I could have one as a pet. Such a pretty animal!

    Your dog too, has such a shiny coat! Sure sign that it was well taking care of 🙂


  2. Beautiful animals, all of them! I found you through the link in OwlMcCloud’s post, I have a German shepherd myself, she is a wonderful dog, so loyal, playful and loving, I wouldn’t want to be without her! 🙂


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