For Susie Lindau

My heart is full today
of this magic of life,
this meeting of minds
and desire for more.

You were one of my first blog
You make me laugh,
inspire me to donate,
share my love of skiing
and writing,
and make me stop delaying my

You face your challenges
head on,
you share and inspire
so others benefit.

You enrich the blogosphere
and your many fans are holding your hand
and appreciating the doctors
and medicine that will keep you here
for more,
and appreciating most of all,
You, Susie Lindau.

Nia Simone

5 thoughts on “Appreciation: special blog post for Susie Lindau

  1. Lovely that you did this for Susie. Your post took me to her site… Her ability to laugh in the face of all she is going through at the moment is incredible, she’s a very brave and positive lady which I’m sure will help her to beat this thing.


    1. Tracey, Thank you for your thoughtful words and for going to Susie’s site. I’m glad you agree that she is awesome. And so are you! Thank you, again.



  2. Oh my! Your poem gave me shivers! Wow! Thank you so much. I truly believe I don’t need chemo because of all of you who shared my story and the number of people who prayed and sent out positive thoughts. Really! My oncotype percentile came in at half the number of the biopsy! That my friend is a miracle!
    Thank you so very much! ((((cyber hugs))))


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