Intero Real Estate company in Saratoga did a great job sponsoring Saratoga Eats yesterday, opening their offices to offer clean bathrooms, setting up music for the kids to dance to, and advertising  ahead of time with big signs strategically placed around town.

It’s neat to see this new business model giving opportunities to entrepreneurs!  Not to mention offering fun new dining options for foodies everywhere.


It’s not as easy as it looks. Some trucks you can tell, they decided to turn Mom’s amazing cooking into a business. But, let’s face it, Mom has a touch of memory loss and Dad and Kid don’t quite have a handle on the assembly line aspect of cranking out meals. (No names mentioned; they will hopefully get better.)

The trucks that took their time to get the order right, who had pre-made items that just needed to be cooked, that knew their inventory status, and took their time when handing you the order for things like: “Would you like me to put foil on the bottom dish so you can stack them?” “Do you want me to pour the sauce on it here?” Did better. For all of these traits, and incredible quality and taste, we give two thumbs up to Wesushi.


Fast action at Wesushi
Fast action at Wesushi
Cooking up a storm at Wesushi
Cooking up a storm at Wesushi
Sushi truck menu
Wesushi menu

Our favorite items from Wesushi, in order of preference. (If you have to just get one, get Sekiwake.)


Lobster crunch

Also with great service and amazing taste, two thumbs up to Midday Picnic, for the killer shrimp and chorizo slider. (Comes as a mini sand with slaw to die for.) Yup, it slides right down — after tantalizing the taste buds.

Midday Picnic truck Midday Picnic menu

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