Time to make your reservations for New York if you want to go in September. These photos are from a month in New York last year, half September, half October. You can rent an apartment through VRBO, one with Wi-Fi so you can work. Hopefully these photos will inspire you to try living in the Big Apple for a month, experiencing what it’s like to be a New Yorker.

Days 22 032

Days 22 034 A

Days 22 036 A

Days 22 035

Days 22 037

Days 20 21 080 A

Days 22 031

Days 20 21 069

Days 20 21 063   

Days 22 044

Days 20 21 073 A

Days 20 21 060 A

Days 20 21 062

Days 20 21 063 A

Days 20 21 064 A

Days 20 21 079 A

6 thoughts on “17 (Central Park) reasons to love Manhattan

      1. If you can get to New York, we’ll meet you there. We could all rent an apartment. It’s much less expensive! In fact, we are planning to go again next September and possibly stay near the High Line and west Greenwich Village, if possible.

        Nia Simone


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