As we were making our way back to the front door of the Louvre, we came across this. I believe it’s the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities: Mesopotamia and this statue is called “The Broad Shoulders dedicated to the Goddess Ba’u.” I believe it is 2120 B.C. My info is a bit scarce on this, but I think this is from the time of the ruler Gudea (2144 – 2124 BC) of the state of Lagash in southern Mesopotamia. The inscriptions describe trade, rulership and religion. You can find translations of the inscriptions of Gudea here: sacred texts.

Here’s an interesting highlight from Wikipedia: The social reforms instituted during Gudea’s rulership, which included the cancellation of debts and allowing women to own family land, may have been honest reform or a return to old Lagašite custom.



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