I noticed a lot of cities in Australia have “Royal Botanical Gardens”. That’s a difference from the U.S. In the U.S. I haven’t noticed any royal anything. I mean, the reasons are obvious, but it’s not something I thought about ahead of time, rather learned about from traveling. (Love that.) This was one of the many little cultural differences I noticed between our countries. Traveling to a country that shares the same language but which differs in many cultural ways fascinated me. When I travel to some place that has a different language like Peru and/or is radically culturally different like Asia, there’s a feeling of being so far outside my native culture, it’s like observing everything through the walls of a bubble. When the language was the same and the level of development very similar, there was a comfort level (once I overcame driving on the opposite side!) and it was easy to feel at home. Without the bubble, more subtle differences surprised me and let me compare and contrast alternate histories as well as to see the influence of U.S. culture on my personality, word choices, values and preferences.

I think it’s interesting and it’s educational to me to see gardens culturally valued on the level of art. Every city not only has its museums and opera houses but also its botanical gardens. I think in the U.S. the equivalent would be city parks. And our parks have conservatories of flowers and that kind of thing, and gardens, gardeners and arborists certainly abound, but the emphasis and naming differ and I never noticed this aspect of culture until I went to Australia.






Of course, it being Sydney, the gardens lead down to water.




And what’s totally unique to Sydney, at the end of your botanical gardens trek, you come upon the spectacular Sydney Opera House:



17 thoughts on “Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

      1. yes, I thought it was a jacaranda, I’ve seen one somewhere when we were on holiday, can’t remember where it was but I think it was in Spain,it was stunning and the dropped flowers made the whole street look blue!!


      2. Wow, that would be amazing to see a blue street. Interesting they have them in Spain. Now that Suz educated me about them I realize how lucky I was to be in Sydney in October to see them bloom.


  1. The Royal Botanical Gardens were created to ensure that plants from around the world and those native to Australia could be cared for and shared with others. There are many other botanical gardens throughout Australia as well (we have one about 40 minutes up the road that is run by volunteers and is not ‘royal’).
    Jacaranda trees are beautiful and only bloom around October each year. They look stunning but drop these little blossoms everywhere that attract bees and make a huge mess. As the recipient of a bee sting when clearing blossoms from a car, I can attest to the mess (and pain) that they cause when losing their beauty. lol


    1. Yes, there is a cost to all those blossoms! Thank you for enlightening me about Australia’s botanical gardens. Now I have a goal to visit more of them. They make an amazing living museums that bring knowledge, good smells, beauty and peace.


  2. Oh Nia don’t remind me about travelling on the opposite side of the road!! You’ve probably already read my post..John Lennon:Fear and Love! I think the rest of the world has. I don’t know who was actually happier when the driving was over for our holiday…myself or D.B. Talk about frightened; it was just so scary.


      1. Thank you for your kind words re my photos Nia. I’m rather passionate about photography since I did a couple of TAFE courses a couple of years ago. Just love everything about it. I think it probably drives D.B. crazy.


  3. It is also very curious to hear and read how others perceive our country. It never occurred to me that our gardens weren’t copied from gardens all around the world. If that makes any sense at all. In Melbourne, we have two Botanical Gardens, one in the city, which is more the English style of Botanical Gardens, then there is also one out at Cranborne, which is more about the plants that are unique to Australia, so very different to the one in the city and the one in Sydney.


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