I Love Words

I love words but when I need them most
They dance away like playful ghosts
They sit at the edge of my awareness
With an outward show of how they care less
And when I stop trying to find them
They return to me and let me bind them.

And in the end they get stuck to a page
Forever recalling a sunset or sage
To be set in a pattern of order and form
Restricts their freedom and chaos deforms
Like plucking the wings off a beautiful fairy
Or laughing to tears at something real scary.

In the end it changes the nature of a thing
To conform and recast the very stuff of being
Words disassociate, now mated for life
In ways each a husband, each a wife
To bring alive ideas, memories and sights
Into bittersweet, arcane and wondrous light.

Allegories, perjuries, poems and songs
Vistas and sisters and outright “come alongs”
The contents of a heart, one’s gut or head
The date of death, the prayers being said
The stale life without respite or flight
The endless possibilities late in the night

To all of these and oh so much more
We bind up our words over and over
Trying to find the right combination
And steal a piece of original creation.
But sometimes its best to leave them be
To let them just dance away so free.

-Craig Engen-


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