I had a funny experience. The weather has been acting strange. Kind of on the cusp of a storm. Cooler than usual, heavily scattered clouds and wind. Now I want to know what the weather is doing, so I go to the newspaper. The newspaper stopped covering the weather!! What?! How am I going to know what the weather is doing? Well they probably figure people will go online for that. So I went online. The weather module on my Yahoo page isn’t working. I don’t have more time to research what the weather is doing. So, finally, I looked out the window.


Patchy clouds, gusty winds. Got it.


9 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. A hanging piece of string is a good indicator: if it moves it’s windy, if it’s stiff it’s cold, if it drips it’s raining. 🙂 The pic is good Nia, the out of focus blinds speak about containment, it could be anywhere. yet you have a view of movement outside.


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