10 thoughts on “The vegetable garden

      1. Hi L, yes I am. 😉 Nia is good people so I figure you’d all get on well together.
        Love. L.


  1. Hi Nia, just saying hi to my good friend Laurel. 🙂 we follow each other. I must congratulate you on your great pics. Really well done. Laurel is a real cook-a-holic, loves fresh veges and stuff. BTW she has some great recipes.


      1. You’re welcome Nia, she’s a great gal. I did wonder where you got the idea about the water from. 😉 It makes a great difference. Now for a change of pace go into A on your dial and put the aperture up to about f13 and take the same pics and see how the depth of field changes. You’ll get more of your subject in focus.


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