After a bit of a readjustment to 10 time zones, we had a  major sightseeing day today! Here are the results. (Sorry for the huge watermark. Need to tone that down a bit!)

Copenhagen-66 Copenhagen-53 Copenhagen-50 Copenhagen-49 Copenhagen-48 Copenhagen-47 Copenhagen-46 Copenhagen-40 Copenhagen-38 Copenhagen-37 Copenhagen-36 Copenhagen-35 Copenhagen-34 Copenhagen-33 Copenhagen-32 Copenhagen-31 Copenhagen-30 Copenhagen-29 Copenhagen-28 Copenhagen-27 Copenhagen-26 Copenhagen-24 Copenhagen-20 Copenhagen-12 Copenhagen-10 Copenhagen-301 Copenhagen-294 Copenhagen-86 Copenhagen-83 Copenhagen-72 Copenhagen-71 Copenhagen-69 Copenhagen-63 Copenhagen-61 Copenhagen-60 Copenhagen-59 Copenhagen-54 Copenhagen-51 Copenhagen-234 Copenhagen-233 Copenhagen-229 Copenhagen-228 Copenhagen-226 Copenhagen-224 Copenhagen-223 Copenhagen-222 Copenhagen-220


12 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Dear Nia,
    What a day for both of you! Thanks so much for sharing so many beauties on just one post! That modern opera house should be fantastic! Keep enjoying everything and take care! Hugs, 🙂 Fabio


  2. I recognise so many of those places, but you have done something I didn’t, photograph it, I hardly took any photos when I was there, one of my biggest regrets. I was too busy being a mum. I can’t wait to see more.

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  3. I do like the big red flower and the different view of the mermaid. You’re certainly giving the camera a workout it won’t forget. 🙂


      1. It certainly looks like it Nia. Get stuck in, we’ll look at them.
        🙂 Thanks for having a look at it. Don’t worry about us folk, you just go ahead and enjoy yourself… we’ll be fine.. don’t worry at all. 😉


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