We have started having gorgeous weather. When we arrived back in Bergen after spending a couple nights up in fjord country, the town looked washed and shiny in the sun. We arrived in the harbor right at lunch time. The fish market wasn’t overcrowded, so we had some fish soup and then we went to the Hanseatic Museum. The Hanseatic league was a group of merchants who dominated trade in the North and Baltic seas, providing order and defense to merchants. The museum was very interesting, if a bit creepy.

Here is the bowl of fish curry we shared. (Kidding,  but we did each have a normal-sized bowl of it. It was amazing.)


Look at these old wooden buildings. A bit crooked due to the area being build on landfill and settling. They are considering banning cars in this area as the weight adds to the settling, they think.


The funicular to the top is that cutout in the trees at the top of the hill. That’s where you go to get the great view. Tip: rather than waiting in line to buy the ticket, go in the little coffee shop there, I think it’s called something Brod, which means bread. You can get a sweet roll, coffee and the ticket, then skip part of the big lines. But I don’t recommend the custard filled cinnamon roll. Go for the simple raisin roll or one of the other choices. The cafe is right across from the church, and near the gate. The line stretched down the street a long way, well past the cafe.Bergen-Norway-3 Bergen-Norway-2

5 thoughts on “Bergen, Norway on a sunny August day

  1. This is a real Friday post, Nia! Everything beautiful, sunny, colorful, and it even contains descriptions of yummy food!
    I have a big smile!
    I will be away for a week. Have safe trips, enjoy everything, and keep writing the way you do – amazingly!
    Take care, my good friend Nia!

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