I remember this night vividly. It was the first night of our trip, and the whole vacation lay ahead. It felt just like the first day of summer vacation used to feel. Summer felt like endless days stretching on and on when I could do whatever I wanted to do.

Like with summer vacation, at the end, I was ready to get back to work. Though I will admit to wanting to plan another trip for December a few days after getting home! I had a lot of fun on this trip. My husband planned it all to be fun and comfortable. When I was single, living in San Francisco, whole years would go by when I rarely left my neighborhood. What a change from then to now. I think my husband has turned me into a traveler. We won’t be going anywhere in December, though, and I’m back to work.

Tivoli Gardens is fun. The theme park seems like a great place for kids but is also nice for grown-ups. We had a nice meal by the lake by Faergekroen Brewery, which was established in 1934.

Tivoli_Garden_5 Tivoli_Garden_6

Here is the Frigate restaurant. We didn’t eat here, but we enjoyed looking at it across the lake from the deck of the brewery.


They have a really low-tech nice way to keep you warm outside in the Copenhagen restaurants: They hand you a blanket.


We rode this roller coaster (and lived to tell about it.)


Our hotel room had a view of the fireworks over Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli_Garden_3Thanks for looking at more travel photos. Time for me to get back to work! Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

  1. Excellent, Nia! Photos, and your travel report from Copenhagen. Loved also the low-tech solution for the cold – so simple and so efficient! Have a GREAT weekend and don’t work too much! Take care, 🙂 Fabio

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