I hope you had a happy new year’s eve celebration. We had champagne and went to bed early so I could get up and watch the sunrise for the first day of 2015.

First sunrise

Sometimes you have to make a decision, and that can be hard to do.

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But if you just remember this motto, it helps: Make a decision and then make it right. 

I made a decision to create a new pen name for my romance. Then it became really hard trying to get a new blog up and running. And it was really hard to sell any books when I kept my new pen name a secret! After all, I really need the support of friends and family. So little by little I have been making changes to make that initial decision right. Yesterday, a friend told me I could just rename this blog. Who knew? So now this is NicciCarreraRomance.com, but NiaSimoneAuthor.com will still get you here. And you can call me Nicci, Nia, or Antonia.

Anyway, you are all my friends, and I really needed you to be part of my Nicci life. Thank you for following and for sharing your photos and lives and insights in the blogosphere.

I started with a sunrise, so I thought it would be nice to close with a sunset. This was a sunset that set the clouds on fire on December 29th, near Reno, Nevada.


Nicci, AKA Nia

4 thoughts on “Happy new year! And…I changed my blog name

  1. I am glad that I saw your post. I’ve just spent the entire morning trying to figure out a solution to my problem: I started my blog before I finished writing my book. Now that I am in the final revisions stage, I want to publish under a different( first) name. I’ve spent the entire morning going between my two blogs, switching things around. My professional name is LaTanya Davis (educator), but I want to write under Lynette Davis. To complicate things further, I have one publication (an essay) already under LaTanya Davis. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can share on this issue. Thank you and have a wonderful New Years day!

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    1. Hi Lynette,

      Love your pen name, or real name, as the case may be. I was fumbling around in Help on my WordPress site and the WordPress chat popped up asking if I wanted help. Then she gave me a link (I think it was in Upgrade). I created a new domain. Then I chose that domain as the primary one. The old one automatically forwards to the new one. If you are using a .wordpress domain for the old one, that might forward too, not sure. Then you just change your name everywhere on your blog. I also changed my Twitter name. For my blog I decided to use NicciCarreraRomance and save my domain that I puchased, niccicarrera.com for a website that I hope to do soon. Good luck!



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