Thank you everyone who commented yesterday! It is heartwarming to know that you would love a free book! The winner of the giveaway was Violet, of the totally inspiring Violet’s Veg*n Comics.

After lunch with a friend in Berkeley, I was able to snap a shot of the Claremont out the car window while stopped at a light.

The Clairemont Hotel
The Claremont Hotel

I love this hotel. Check out this fact:

The Claremont faced destruction in the 1991 Oakland firestorm, but the flames were stopped just short of the hotel.

The light you see in the foreground is for the tennis club that is on the site, I think. We stayed here once and watched tennis whenever we weren’t staring out the little dormer window at San Francisco.

9 thoughts on “The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley

  1. Excellent, Nia! This hotel seems to have the same elegance as of the Coronado Hotel. Thanks for taking the picture during a light stop! I have not commented yet about the new format of your blog. It is wonderful! The presentation looks so nice and it is much easier to read the text! Well done! Take care and I hope you are having a great day! 🙂

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    1. Hi Fabio!

      Thank you so much for the comment on my blog format. I’m glad it’s easier to read.

      Yes, it is like the Claremont is Coronado Hotel…I hadn’t thought of that!

      Our son’s wedding date has been set. It is in July in San Diego! So hopefully I can do a book signing down there somewhere and we can meet. 🙂

      Have a great day!


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  2. This seems serendipitous as Maya considers going to Berkley, but will she go to be closer to Rick. I don’t know that is as far as I’ve read so far, so will if Maya does go would she go to the hotel Nicci?

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    1. Hi Leanne!

      I forgot about that hotel! Maybe next time, or the time after that. I can have a wedding there.

      (I’m writing a book for each sister.)

      You’re the best. Thank you!



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