Yesterday I talked about the phone not being as good outdoors, but being good indoors for portraits. I said I would show you a picture today, and here it is.


However, I did have to tweak the brightness and contrast, which I rarely have to do with the DSLR. I can say without a doubt that the phone is a lot better for candid unobtrusive shots. It’s not like one wants to have a huge camera around one’s neck when socializing!

On the above picture, I adjusted the brightness minus 29 and the contrast plus 10, but here is the shot with auto white balance. It’s not as subtle an adjustment, but possibly it is better.

Portrait 2

I’m using the camera that came with the phone. I’m going to try downloading a different camera. The specific problem I’m having is over-exposure.

That said, I really love this shot of my friend, and I wouldn’t have it were it not for my phone.

It occurred to me this would make a great painting.


I really love what the painting software did with the colors.

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