True Blue (Blue Series, #3)True Blue by Jules Barnard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn’t put it down. One thing about young love is that you have to remember how messed up we can be about communication. This book handled that so well, showing Tyler slowly waking up to the fact he may have misunderstood some things in the past.

I loved being in Mira’s point of view. She owns up to her mistakes, and it was only through her thinking that I found it possible to forgive Tyler. I don’t want to do a spoiler, so I’ll just say it was the line when she though he even made sure she was fed and hydrated that allowed me to forgive him.

Jules Barnard did an amazing job showing what Mira’s worst fears were. They were so understandable. And then showing Mira overcoming those fears, was brilliantly done.

I loved watching Mira take charge of her life, pay her dues, remain kind to her awful mother, and I loved the ending, the little note. That’s all I’ll say so I don’t give anything away, but it made me feel a lot better for Mira.

Overall, a riveting tale of love, friendship, and family, set in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area.

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