Happy Saturday!  I hope you are having fun. I did a lot of chores this morning then I took an hour to have fun with digital art. I did my first sky replacement with this photo. I needed something with a building in it so that I didn’t have to do trees, which are way beyond me at this point. Laura Mackey talks about how she did some amazing work with replacements here. Take the time to look at that image, it is mindblowing. Anyhoodles, she used a bunch of tools I don’t have, and I’m not quite ready for all that, though I have bookmarked it for future reference. I wanted to get started with the simple sky replacement that Leanne Cole showed us. Here it is. I obliterated the trees behind the building, and you can see in the windows that the real sky was cerulean, whereas the California sky is indigo. However, though that cerulean sky was lovely in the windows, it was all washed out in the sky, so that’s why I thought it would be fun to put in an intense sky.


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