I’m doing this post from my phone even though I took the photos with the DSLR and put them on my computer.  I actually went to all the trouble of emailing them to myself so I could access them from my phone…all so I could use Instaframe. I think it was faster than doing a collage in GIMP, but I’m not sure!

Now I’m updating this because on my computer I can see that the trees are really cut off! So here they are in full.



Oh well. If you never try anything new, you’ll never learn anything new!

4 thoughts on “Trees

    1. Thanks Fabio! Sorry for the delay. Stuff is happening. We got a request for a big partial (50 pages) on our co-authored middle-grade fantasy. Polishing it now, and sending it on Sunday, which is Monday Aussie time, which is where the agency is. Please keep fingers and toes crossed they love it and want to represent us!

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