This was the juiciest giveaway I found this week. I was Googling around looking for classes for creating book covers. I’ve been learning that you can make good book covers in Word! Anyway, I’m still working hard on an upgrade to a cover, using Photoshop Elements and GIMP, just hacking away. But next time I’m looking forward to using the templates provided for free by Derek Murphy. Here is the link:

He also gives away a lot of information in articles about design and marketing that has helped me already, though I’ve only sampled a bit of it so far.

I took photos while skiing yesterday. I’ll post them tomorrow. I also had another link that has procedures for using Word to create book covers. It was awesome, but I can’t find where I stored that. (I have a bit of a housekeeping issue with my bookmarks.) When I find that link, I will provide it, but I do need to get this posted. What good is a giveaway Monday if it doesn’t post until night time?

Have a great Monday!

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