11 thoughts on “Here’s what happened to my back

      1. Our petunias have finally begun putting on a good show but the Garden Gnome has had to shift them around to the front of the house now that we are in Autumn. At least around the front, they will get a little more sunlight.


    1. Oh no! That’s really sad. I’m sorry. We have two bunnies. I think they could get to the low pots but not the tall ones. My back is almost all better. I didn’t lift the big ones when they were full. At least I had the sense not to try that. But lifting one of the low pots when it was out in front of me was a bad combo. Fortunately it was just a little strained muscle not a major torque. 🙂

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      1. The hare must know it’s in trouble, haven’t seen it since. 😦 When you bend over to lift anything, the weight of the item is felt by the lower spine as being 10 times heavier. I often cringe when I see Mums bending over to pick up their children. Oh the pain.


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