Two hikers were watching this snake cross the path. I started taking pictures. My husband later said that he was impressed that I’m not afraid of snakes. I said, “Yes I am!” He said for someone afraid of snakes I was pretty close. But I thought the snake was moving really slowly and I could easily get out of the way if it turned on me. He said it wasn’t venomous; if it had been, he wouldn’t have let me get that close. Then he explained striking range and the speed with which a snake can strike. Since I can’t tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous one, I’m going to start giving them a wider berth. I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for any snakes lurking on the sides. It’s a good idea to stay alert.


There was a happy ending for me though. I snapped several pictures.

Later we passed this deer, who was even closer to the trail than she is in this picture. Just nibbling away…so sweet. I love their eyes.


We took a different route back and passed by this historic farm. I heard a really loud bellow and was wondering if it was a steer, but it didn’t really sound like a moo. We found out soon enough.


When this pig came out of the shed, I was startled because he was really looking at me with my camera. He seemed intelligent and not too happy with me.  I remember reading in the Encyclopedia (remember those?) that pigs are pretty smart, smarter than horses.

The bleating was coming from these sweet goats.


This squirrel was eating something fabulous by the artichoke plant. He started to run when I came closer for the photo.


6 thoughts on “Animals, domestic and wild, at Rancho San Antonio

  1. Great shots, Nia! And what a variety of animals you and your husband saw along the trail! I hate snakes and I recognize my bias to them. You were very courageous as you got closer to the reptile. Next time, please take extreme care. You also recalled the old encyclopedias – it was difficult to access them. Nowadays, with the help of a computer, it’s another story. All the best, my friend, and what a pleasure to read your posts and to see your photos! 🙂

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