The New York Times had an interesting article about the drought that takes a look at the situation from the federal level.

Water policy experts point to dozens of changes that could be made, starting by using climate change models to plan new water-collection reservoirs. While climate change models show that there will be less snowfall in the mountains, there may still be rainfall in other regions. The bureau, they said, could build reservoirs designed to capture and store that rain.

It would be really nice to have a planet-wide and locally coordinated effort to reduce greenhouse emissions and shift people and crops as needed, pro-actively. I don’t know how much more water we can ring out of the earth for crops in California. I’m looking forward to our drive north later this month, to see Oregon and Washington. I wonder if they will be the next big states for fruits, veggies, and wine.

The first picture is Sponge Geyser. The second two are the oozy goozy (made-up word, spellchecker!) areas around Biscuit Basin. I love the colors around Biscuit Basin. I’m hoping for an artistic idea to spring to mind for something to do with these photos. Perhaps I should just start experimenting.

Sponge Geyser, Geyser Hill, Yellowstone National Park
Sponge Geyser, Geyser Hill, Yellowstone National Park
In Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone
Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone

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