First I must show you a shot of the sky at twilight in Trinidad, though it was technically on day 1.

Twilight in Trinidad
Twilight in Trinidad

Breakfast at The Lost Whale Inn was noteworthy.

The Lost Whale Inn1 The Lost Whale Inn2 The Lost Whale Inn3 The Lost Whale Inn4

After a long day of driving we arrived at The Best Western at Pier Point in Florence Oregon. This place sits right on the estuary with lovely views.

Sunset in Florence
Sunset in Florence

Today we are going to explore the beach in Florence. The Oregon coastline is different from the California coastline. There are no redwoods. There are a lot of sand dunes and what looks like a fun time to be had boarding down the dunes, but we are going to go out for photos at the jetty. Lunch will be back at the hotel on our deck overlooking the estuary, enjoying food we brought with us in our plug-in cooler, then we head off to Portland, Oregon!

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