Well at this exact moment I just finished processing this photo I took of the Flatiron Building in New York City. It’s only 10:49 a.m. and I’m ready for a nap.

We set our alarms for 5:30 and headed out at 6 a.m. emerging from the Subway just at daybreak. The Flatiron Building was so pretty at this hour.

Flatiron Building New York City
Flatiron Building New York City

I may not just be a small-town contemporary romance writer because the next book in the trilogy about the Cruz sisters has a bit of suspense and doesn’t take place in a small town. But I do love that sub-genre. I am reading Virgin River by Robyn Carr as part of a reading challenge for a romance genre Goodreads group called For the Challenge Impaired. We get to read at our own pace, which really suits me.

This is the first time I’ve been active in a Goodreads challenge group, and I’m really enjoying getting to share the experience of a book with other readers. Spoilers are hidden but we can discuss things in general. Once I’m through the first book, I want to delve into the spoilers and see what people think. After a bit of a slow start, I’m loving Virgin River, a small-town contemporary romance set in Northern California. I am inspired.

Being a tourist and on vacation in New York is lovely. For one thing I could take photos of people hurrying to their jobs. These two women were similarly attired and I thought tan and black was a nice color combo for work.

Workers in New York
Workers in New York
Flatiron Building New York City
Flatiron Building New York City

I’m starting to think about visual branding. I hadn’t heard that term before but recently I did. I immediately locked onto it. Anything having to do with branding and marketing captures my attention. Visual branding is a great term to know because it turns up informative articles in Google. I’m starting to get clear about what I want to do. How to do it is another matter! Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “What’s a small-town contemporary romance writer doing on Monday morning?

      1. Oh, Ann, I forgot to respond to your comment about the visual branding. Branding is something that companies do. When I was reading about it, the examples used were Starbucks and Home Depot. I don’t know if you have those in Ukraine, but they are common here. Anyway, the idea is that you have some colors and a logo that you use all the time so people can recognize you out in the world, or for a writer, in social media, in online bookstores, on your website, and so on. It’s a science people study, but I’m just fiddling around and guessing for now. I’m choosing some new colors. I’m going to make a logo and header that I can put on my website and blog. I like my new header for my blog though, the photo of me taking photos, so I’m in no hurry to change that one! But you might see this blog change a bit. I already changed the background color. I’m just experimenting. 🙂


    1. Thanks Robert! I really enjoyed meeting you too. It was fun trying to take photos of that library with you. That was tricky! It was good I went home early and rested as I really peaked on my cold that day. Now I am all better and appreciating my health like never before. 😉

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  1. Great pics Nicci, tall buildings look great. Good luck with the visual branding. I was thinking of using a visual brand: Me pulling what’s left of my hair out in despair. 😦

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      1. Is there anything unique in the world today regarding books Nicci? it would make you spit, all that time then the simple way works. there’s no justice. 🙂

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