I was trying to postpone today’s scheduled post, but accidentally set it to go. Working on blog posts on the phone is tricky. The app does the opposite of what I want half the time. Well, I’m on my computer now and have deleted that post and all the social media releases of the topic.

Today is not a day to think of dreams, for those were stolen yesterday from ten people and their families and friends. October 1, 2015 will be the day life changed and dreams were stolen for all of those people, so today, I am offering my thought and heart to them and to my fellow Americans who live under constant threat of shooting rampages and who live with the heartbreaking memories of the many, many incidences of gun violence. I’ve been near enough to it myself, in multiple ways. It is something I will be exploring in a future book.

I have processed this photo from the reflection pools at the 9/11 memorial. The will, thought, cooperation, planning, leadership, diligence, and persistence that went into making this memorial are proof that we can overcome gun violence in this country too, by applying those same qualities to this new task.


4 thoughts on “Day of respect

  1. May I share this day of respect and grief with you, dear Nicci, and your country! In fact it’s a very serious problem, which solution takes many efforts. I do understand it even better. Since we have war in the eastern part of my country, weapon problem became very topical. In our country you cannot have it as in USA, but illegaly weapon is used in many cases and very often tragical ones. And the most tragical is that innocent people became victims of uncontrolled violence. I would like to try to find the reason why and cannot…why so many unfair things happen in our lives…why innocent people should suffer…I refuse to understand!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support and solidarity, Ann. Your words bring tears to my eyes. My heart breaks for the war in Ukraine. I have read so many horror stories. I share respect and grief with you, too. May we both continue to share the beauty of our world, and to have the strength to help in our own way. You help by sharing the beauty of Ukraine so that your country is not some distant abstract thought, rather that we can beautiful, strong people, the beauty of the landscape, the life. I do believe that by bringing focus to these things increases peace and beauty.

      Thank you again, my friend

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      1. Your words are so touching! Heartfelt thank you for your support to my country, I feel it so deeply! I believe that unity of our hearts and thoughts can do wonders and sun will shine again and this time blindingly bright!

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