Happy Monday!

We woke up to some wet ground and lingering clouds, a very welcome occurrence in California. It was so pretty out that I went for a photo shoot, to the Saratoga public library, Central Park, and this heritage house.

Warner Hutton House, Saratoga. 1896, Queen Anne Style
Warner Hutton House, Saratoga. 1896, Queen Anne Style

I’m happy to share these views of another library. I hope this place with all its nooks and crannies looks inviting and cozy for you on this fall day.

A nook in the children's section of the public library, Saratoga
A nook in the children’s section of the public library, Saratoga
Saratoga library
Saratoga library and redwoods
Saratoga library redwood grove
Saratoga library redwood grove

Two of my favorite things in the world are mountains and libraries, and here the architects of the new Saratoga library brought in the setting through this archway outside one of the doors.

Saratoga public library

Saratoga library setting
Saratoga library setting

Heritage Lane is a walkway leading on a diagonal from Fruitvale to Highway 9/Saratoga Avenue. The lane is a dirt walking path through the heritage orchard and leads to the lovely library.

Heritage Lane Saratoga
Heritage Lane Saratoga
Saratoga library and a heritage oak tree
Saratoga library and a heritage oak tree

Yesterday was supposed to be very productive, but for some reason I was very tired, so I ended up resting a lot. I did manage to bake a cake for my friend’s birthday, which was really fun. I also read a Writer’s Digest magazine that was focused on revising. It was brilliant, and I marked it with a lot of yellow highlighter.

I hope you are having a good start to your week. I am dreading edits, more and more because the editor is taking so long. I have to keep reminding myself she’s really busy and edits a lot of authors, plus is an author herself. Now I know how my friend feels when I take over a month to edit one of his manuscripts, LOL. My turn to dread the comments. Karma.

However, it’s not all fear and loathing, there are things to look forward to. I was looking forward to taking some photos and doing this blog post, but now that is done, so I need something more to look forward to! So…I’m looking forward to starting to read a new book. I took one back to the library this morning, since I was there. I just couldn’t get into it, and there are so many books, I figure, why force myself? I’m also kind of looking forward to working some more on the new book that I am writing. It is part small town contemporary romance and part disaster movie. Go figure, LOL! I say kind of because I have mixed feelings about the process. Weird, I know, but I feel like a race horse about to explode from the gate and tear around the track, on one hand, and on the other hand, an old cart horse with blinders on trying to move a heavy load. But I am looking forward to reading, so I’ll focus on that.

Do you have anything you’re dreading this week? What are you looking forward to this week?

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