Happy hump day! Once you are through today, it’s an easy two days before another weekend.

I need to finish up my edits by tomorrow and send them back. They’ve been hard for me to do I think because I took such a long vacation.

Yesterday morning was beautiful, so I went out to take photos for an hour. I think this was my favorite.

Oak tree
A mighty oak

I did some exploring, just looking for good shots. Clouds hung over the hills so I went that way. I drove into the hills a bit and tried to capture them, but it wasn’t until I was back in the downtown area that I managed to get a bit.

Clouds over Saratoga
Clouds over Saratoga

I then spent all morning processing and looking at the photos, then took a nap. Yikes, I was really fighting getting to my desk and working. I reminded myself that when I worked, I often had days that weren’t that productive, especially after vacation, and it all worked out okay. I ended up getting several hours of work done, I just did it in the evening instead of during the day.Saratoga fire station

I think part of the resistance is that I’m writing a new book, and I’m really excited about it. That’s what I want to work on. But like a job, there are things you have to do that you may not feel like doing at the moment. I’m glad I did finally get rolling today. I realized I was dealing with a patch that I thought really needed to be better, and it took a lot of thinking. After all, this is going to be published, so I have to think about every word that’s on that page. Getting published is exciting but also…well, you want every word to please the reader. You can’t guarantee that of course, but the words better please you.

Saratoga fires tation and a Pepsi truck
Saratoga fire station and a Pepsi truck

I’m through that and things are going pretty smoothly. I have about thirteen pages left to edit and a couple paragraphs I need to add.

Fire house railing
Fire house railing
Historic Saratoga California
Historic Saratoga California

Do you find it hard to be self-disciplined sometimes? I think some people are a lot better at it than others. I can be very good at it, then I can be terrible. What I did this time was work on something else that was a lower priority. I knew my deadline project wasn’t at risk, so even though it is the most important, I went ahead and completed another smaller project yesterday. That felt great.

Do you have tricks for getting yourself productive again if you don’t feel like working on something specific?

Well, I hope you have a productive day and have plans for a nice weekend.

View from Saratoga hills
View from Saratoga hills

I will be writing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Overcoming resistance to a task

  1. When I was writing non-fiction, there were deadlines that kept me to task. I will admit that I did take some time to clear my head with a few card games!

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    1. Deadlines really do tend to keep one on task, Anne! LOL That’s great, playing a game helps the subconscious mull over things, I think. You are such a good writer, I’m glad you blog so I can enjoy it.


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