Sorry for the delay in my Friday post, and thank you for waiting. I knocked off early from writing today and went out to get these photos of Lake Tahoe. Enjoy!

Lake Tahoe-2Lake Tahoe-3Lake Tahoe-4Lake Tahoe-5Lake Tahoe-6


We’ll be driving home tomorrow. We are probably done skiing for the season. We are so happy to have had a winter with snow and are feeling good that we appreciated it by skiing a lot. I’m looking forward to getting back home. We have a few social things planned. I’ll be meeting friends to write at a cafe on Monday, then there’s a wonderful celebration on Saturday, my mother-in-laws 90th birthday. I am going to make two cakes, an angel food with strawberries (no whipped cream because she doesn’t like it) and a lemon bundt cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. I plan to use homegrown meyer lemons to make it.

What do you have planned?

11 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe

  1. Photos are so beautiful! Happy birthday to your mom-in-law! And delicious cake! I am planning to go out at weekend and enjoy outdoors! However, weather is here capricious a bit!

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