An unfortunate name, but such a lovely spot! Convict Lake 2

I need to develop more shots, but we also need to hit the road for final destination: San Diego! However, first I wanted to give you a taste of what I captured this morning.

I liked getting up while it was still dark and going out to get the photo. There’s something very exciting about that. I think I’m going to change my retirement lifestyle a bit and start setting my alarm again.

Here are some different perspectives.

Convict Lake-3Convict Lake-4Convict Lake-5

There was a nice couple there taking photos too. They made my day as much as the photo opportunities. It’s so nice to chat with people, after the photos are captured at least. They were from L.A. and they gave me some recommendations for taking photos in this area in the fall. I guess we’ll need to come back. Oh no.

Have a great weekend!

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