Today we are having a foggy morning in the Bay Area, and it reminds me of being by the coast. As I go about my housekeeping, I am pretending we live in San Diego and it’s just another foggy morning. It’s kind of fun. There’s something about fog that gives you a muffled private feeling at home, like the day has not quite started and you’re still in that semi dream state with stolen time to enjoy.

But even now I can see that blue sky peeking through the clouds…it’s time to wake up!

On our last day in San Diego, I explored the downtown area on a sunny afternoon, well after the fog burned off.

There are two interactive sections below, which-do-you-like-better exercises, so read on and comment!

Downtown San Diego-2
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Downtown San Diego-3
Memorial Park Coranado
Downtown San Diego-4
Gaslamp District San Diego

Downtown San Diego-5

Downtown San Diego-6
Gaslamp District Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego-7
Convention Center
Downtown San Diego-8
Gaslamp District trolley

Which do you like better, this one:

Downtown San Diego-9

or this one:

Downtown San Diego-12

Downtown San Diego-10

Do you prefer color for this:

Downtown San Diego-11
San Diego Convention Center architecture

or black and white:

Convention Center San Diego Monochrome

Have a great week, and see you Friday.

16 thoughts on “Downtown San Diego

    1. Thanks, Leanne! I like that one too but hubs liked the first one, so I want sure. I guess it’s subjective. But your choice validates was I was teething to do there.


      1. Yes, that’s right. I was trying to show setting, modernity. I liked the combo of the Lamborghini and the highrise. He also liked that wide angle lens distortion, which made it look like the car was winning. That is fun.


  1. Great pictures. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to San Diego! Regarding your questions: Wink: I prefer #1 because it’s all about the car and a great shot. #2 seems to want to be about the building, but isn’t and shows a little bit of the car. Color or B&W: I prefer the color. The b&w would be great if you could pump up the contrast a bit. Are you sorry you asked???

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