We took a thrilling trip to Ireland and Great Britain last year, and I’m excited to share some photos with you. I’ll start with my favorite, the Orkney Islands. You really have to travel far to get there, and once you do, it feels pristine and untouched except for the magnificent job the Scottish people have done with preserving one of the most amazing stone-age sites of all time. It’s called Skara Brae, and here are some photos to show you what we experienced. Note: It rained a lot while we were there, but we were undaunted!

P1200172 small

P1200161 small

Fortunately, my camera survived. That wasn’t smart to take photos in the rain!

This trip is not part of my current book, but it will be part of a future book. In the meantime, I plan to share the photos and stories with you, so stay tuned .