Barwon Heads, Victoria Australia Great Ocean Road

We went to an off-the-beaten-track spot for these photos of the famous Barwon Heads. Leanne Cole, our fabulous hostess, friend, and fellow blogger, came to a stop at an intersection in two roads that seemed like they were in the middle of nowhere. “Hmmm,” she said, looking down to the left where the new road dead-ended. “I wonder what’s down there?”

Well it wasn’t long before we were turning left, parking, and exploring.

First we came to this sign:

The life of the Barwon begins in the Otway mountain ranges, where raindrops drip from eucalypts and giant tree ferns, into small, trickling creeks. These creeks wind their way through forests, farms and towns, combining to form one of this region’s most important rivers. The Barwon River is truly a river of life — it provides water to the people of Geelong, a home to many native wetland plant and animals and a relaxed lifestyle to all of us who spend time enjoying its beauty.
A meeting of two waters.
Here at Barwon Heads, the life of the river merges with the life of the sea. This natural meeting place teems with marine and freshwater animals, providing food for the abundant wildlife to be found in the Barwon’s mudflats, mangrove forests and rocky shores.
Like the river, the Barwon’s short-finned eels have a long journey of their own. These eels breed in Queensland’s Coral Sea and swim thousands of kilometers from the Barwon over the course of their lives.

Then we wondered what this industrial looking smoke-stack type thing was:


And as we wandered I snapped shots of the coastline:


And of course I had to capture a dead tree, or in this case, a denuded crap of brush:


Then Leanne and I settled into trying to shoot stop-action waves while my hubby, the ever happy paleontologist-and-seaman-at-heart studied the rocks and gazed out over the waves.