Rainy days and…Wednesdays

We had more glorious rain today which, if you’ve been following me for a while, or if you live in California, you know is a really good thing.

When we went through the drought a few years ago, it was actually pretty hard to cut water back to the level each of us needed to do. Of course most people don’t waste water here in California, not even when it’s raining, after going through drought like that.

The rain has put me in mind of our visit to the Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. We had to skip the Ring of Kerry (sadly!) because of the storm, but we saved one sight-seeing goal that day. Ladies’ View is one of the most-photographed places in Killarney. Here’s the info from the official site:

Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting visited here during the royal visit in 1861. They were so taken with the view that it was named after them.


Here’s Ladies’ View on that day with a pano shot:


On the way there, it was so rainy we really needed our umbrellas and were grateful to be able to duck into a pub in Kilmare for lunch. We walked up and down the street, fighting the rain, we were cold and wet, yet still taking time to read the posted menus so we would choose the place best for us. We selected a pub connected to an inn, and it had the coziest bar. We had the place to ourselves. It was an off hour, off season, and very off weather, so we could really relax in the prime location next to the fireplace.

It was kind of odd, there was a tradition of Americans passing through signing a dollar bill and tacking it to the rafters. We did not participate in that.

I was so grateful to be warm and dry. I think I had soup and hot chocolate and my husband had Shepherd’s pie or something like it.


Finally we pressed on to the Dingle Peninsula, which must be spectacular in good weather. In our weather, we were lucky to survive. Ha ha! It was a bit harrowing when Google Maps took us to the top of a mountain where the road turned into a precipice leading to a one-way road that clung to the side of a cliff so high you couldn’t even see the water, and then said, “Lost connection.” I didn’t take a picture there, so you’ll have to believe me, it was terrifying. We backed out, and the people behind us had to back out, so we could get by. We thought they’d be annoyed because they’d be in a hurry to continue on the road. No…they all turned around and followed us back the way we came! There were a few brave (stupid) tourists out that day and Google sent them all to what would be a scary country road in the best of weather, especially with tourists trying to figure out how to negotiate oncoming traffic and trying to remember who has the right-of-way.

I did manage to get this photo on the way back at a restaurant where we stopped to use the bathroom.

On the Dingle Peninsula Ireland

And I took a zoom shot from the car window when we reached the head of the pinunsula, LOL. Nothing like a zoom when it’s pouring rain.

Dingle Peninsula

I had more ideas for the book I want to write about going to Ireland. I’m making notes; I’m going to write that as soon as I’m done with my WIP.