Generating creativity part 3

Oh my gosh, it’s working. Um, that’s why I missed yesterday’s scheduled blog post, sorry about that. I’m so excited by the ideas that are coming to me as I’m planning and writing the last of the Cruz Sisters Trilogy (as I’m now calling it). I talked about the recent twists and turns in my creative journey here:

The Writing Life, generating creativity

and here:

Report on generating creativity

Check these ideas out if you want to try some new stuff. Not that anyone has time. I’ve been making the time because I am really enjoying going deep and doing research, too.

I was rereading A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young the other night. I’ve been implementing his techniques, in my own way, and seeing results. In rereading, I ran across this quote in the beginning.

An idea, I thought, has some of that mysterious quality which romance lends to tales of the sudden appearance of islands in the South Seas. …to ancient mariners…there would suddenly appear a lovely atoll above the surface of the waters. An air of magic hung about it. … And so it is, I thought, with Ideas. … They appear just as suddenly above the surface of the mind; and with that same air of magic. … But the scientist knows that the South Sea atoll is the work of countless, unseen coral builders, working below the surface of the sea. And so I asked myself: “Is an idea; too, like this? Is it only, the final result of a long series of unseen idea-building processes which go on beneath ‘the surface’ of the conscious mind?

I had this experience today, this sudden appearance of an idea. The sequel to Love Caters All and Third Strike’s the Charm is coming together magically, exactly as James Webb Young said it would. I recognized in the process an amalgamation of two other novels I’ve written and a novella. Also a couple months of hard work on developing massive character analysis sheets and applying them to the new story are paying off as are the combined former careers of my husband and me.

I’ve done a little art work for you today. Here you go, an image from Bodie California, a ghost town.


I’m off to take a peek at what’s going on in your worlds now. Have a good week, and see you again Friday.