San Francisco impressions 2, Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights

I liked the 3-dimensions shown in this San Francisco Pacific Heights apartment building. To make it a bit more interesting I added some art effects.


Here is an interesting dresser made out of rulers, spotted in a shop in the Hayes Valley area.


Here is some “hula art” hanging on a cyclone fence around some Hayes Valley restaurants.hayes-valley-hula-art

After the 1989 earthquake, some of the freeway ramps in San Francisco collapsed. The city used the opportunity to relocate some of the ramps from gorgeous (the Embarcadero) or interesting (Hayes Valley) areas. They redeveloped the areas that were now free of transportation blight.

There’s a lovely park in the Hayes Valley with interesting shops and a coffee vendor serving cold-brewed ice coffee (delish) and an ice-cream shop.


I didn’t sample the ice cream, but the flavors looked interesting.


The park is a nice place to relax.


The stores are trendy. This clothing store is built out of shipping containers.