I liked the 3-dimensions shown in this San Francisco Pacific Heights apartment building. To make it a bit more interesting I added some art effects.


Here is an interesting dresser made out of rulers, spotted in a shop in the Hayes Valley area.


Here is some “hula art” hanging on a cyclone fence around some Hayes Valley restaurants.hayes-valley-hula-art

After the 1989 earthquake, some of the freeway ramps in San Francisco collapsed. The city used the opportunity to relocate some of the ramps from gorgeous (the Embarcadero) or interesting (Hayes Valley) areas. They redeveloped the areas that were now free of transportation blight.

There’s a lovely park in the Hayes Valley with interesting shops and a coffee vendor serving cold-brewed ice coffee (delish) and an ice-cream shop.


I didn’t sample the ice cream, but the flavors looked interesting.


The park is a nice place to relax.


The stores are trendy. This clothing store is built out of shipping containers.




11 thoughts on “San Francisco impressions 2, Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights

  1. Hi Nia, phew, I’ve been busy. Now I can get to your post. I usually make art out of pics that I’m not sure about. Especially if they’re a good subject but a bit hazy. You’ve really got your eye in with these. Love the dresser made of rulers and the great use of shipping containers.


    1. Thank you, Laurie! You are so sweet to make an effort to come by. I really appreciate it. I took the picture of the building intending to turn it into art. I really want to make it Cubist. But when I make it Cubist, I lose all the dimensions. I have something in mind, am groping toward it. I decided that’s how I am going to do visual art. I always want to be a happy amateur, never wreck it by going to art school. (Adult ed classes, learning from others, books, the internet, yes, art school, no.) With this picture, while I continue to explore whatever it is I am trying to create with the image, I enjoyed this combination I experimented with. It is two different effects. First I ran one of the painting programs (forget which) then the pen and ink. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the quirky things I found in this neighborhood!


      1. I have no trouble conversing with nice people Nia. Cubist eh? Now that was Picasso’s style wasn’t it? Well I think you aced it in that pic then. I think if you have a desire and ideas, going to any school can eventually cripple them. There’s nothing wrong with learning the nuts and bolts of anything but when it comes to creativity then it’s an individual thing. Playing around with a picture is the best way, it’s amazing what you can end up with and who’s to say it’s wrong? I’m so looking forward to what you’re going to be sharing from your trip. You’ll be in an even bigger neighbourhood then. 🙂


      2. Thank you, and that camera has a GPS and records that data. So if I forget where a picture was taken, I can just look it up. Plus you can upload it to the web straight from the camera, so I can back up to Dropbox as I’m going along. Unbelievable.

        Yes, writing has been something I’ve applied myself to for years and years now and now and it sometimes feels like plain old work. I was feeling depressed about all the work I need to do in the editing process and daydreaming of taking flight to visual arts, then I realized that would only ruin it for me.

        It is fun to pursue a visual idea. I went into my library and looked at the artist whose work I love and whose paintings are, I realized, what I am striving for with that Cubist idea. Yes, Picasso was Cubist, this artist isn’t Cubist, I realize, he just has this fractured style that fascinates me. I’ll keep at it and see what it leads me too. He was a gifted, successful and experienced painter and teacher. I’m an amateur having fun, which is great.


      3. I saw that about the camera and it can transfer to any wifi device, like TV, mobile phones and straight to dropbox is great. No lost photos happening here. A great choice.
        Writing can feel like work sometimes, then I realise it’s an art and instead of using paint you’re using words to paint a picture. perhaps use the writing as work and visual art as your hobby. having fun with something is what keeps it fresh and interesting Nia. When you have to do it, then…….. I’d stick with the fun. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, that’s it exactly. 🙂 Writing is usually fun but sometimes hard work. Photography and post processing and blogging are fun. I dropped the piano. It wasn’t fun. So I’m sorting these things out too, Laurie! Thanks!


      5. Good to see you’re prioritising Nia. I dropped the piano too, it was the last time I worked for the removalist. 😉


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