The problem with social media

When I get together with people, I have all these stories saved up to tell them. The only problem is, they already read all about it on my blog or Facebook! (Somehow, I forget people are reading that stuff.)

Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at
Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

They’ve read all my stories, saw all the pictures, and are like…so, what else is new? Uh…nothing. That stuff you’re reading is my life lived out loud. You really don’t want to hear about the headaches, the dirty laundry piling up and that annoying person on the road who flipped me off, do you? Yes? Okay, I’ll blog about that then! Oh wait, then we’re back where we started.

Five ways to know if you’re a writer

The answer to the perennial question of when a writer who has not been published can call herself a writer, an answer which is often a total revelation, is: when you write.

I need more information, though! So I came up with a list of questions to which if you often answer yes, then I say you are a writer.

  • Do you have the tendency to become clinically depressed when your story isn’t working and you don’t know why?
  • Do you fall deeply in love with strangers for tweeting you?
  • When you’re online, do you long to write, but when you’re writing, long to be online?
  • Do you sometimes look in the mirror and say, “Why are you doing this?”
  • Are you secretly happy when it rains because it gives you the chance to stay inside and write?”

Thank you to everybody who supported me on my Goddess Fish Promotions + Romance Lives Forever (I secured that stop myself and it was so awesome) blog tour. 50 blog sites in four days, 108 (wonderful) comments, (all of whose names I need to enter on a  randomizing-list site for a raffle drawing), 50 amazing blog hostesses (all of whom I must thank for their pure awesomeness), who knows how many tweets, many new friends and much new knowledge, oh and shall I also state that between this support and some paid promo efforts to get the book listed on free book listing sites, The Last Straw went from:

1,125 in Kindle Free store

on day 1, T-zero


410 on day 1, 7:33 PM, which is also when Amazon started reporting the category:

Kindle -> Kindle ebooks -> Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Romance -> Contemporary

In which it ranked 93. (Do they start reporting the category when you reach the top 100? Not sure. It could just be a timing thing.)

On the start of day 4, it hit:

38 in Kindle free

12 in Kindle -> Kindle ebooks -> Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Romance -> Contemporary

Wow. Not expected. A bunch of people actually read it already, too. HOORAY!

A day on the beach, San Diego

A couple years ago we rented a second story condo on Mission Beach. It was foggy most of the time we were there, but it was amusing to watch the passersby.

What's with the umbrella?
What’s with the umbrella?
All day, every day, this man roller-bladed.
All day, every day, this man roller-bladed.
Here's a job for you!
Here’s a job for you!
Still with the umbrella!
Still with the umbrella!