The answer to the perennial question of when a writer who has not been published can call herself a writer, an answer which is often a total revelation, is: when you write.

I need more information, though! So I came up with a list of questions to which if you often answer yes, then I say you are a writer.

  • Do you have the tendency to become clinically depressed when your story isn’t working and you don’t know why?
  • Do you fall deeply in love with strangers for tweeting you?
  • When you’re online, do you long to write, but when you’re writing, long to be online?
  • Do you sometimes look in the mirror and say, “Why are you doing this?”
  • Are you secretly happy when it rains because it gives you the chance to stay inside and write?”

Thank you to everybody who supported me on my Goddess Fish Promotions + Romance Lives Forever (I secured that stop myself and it was so awesome) blog tour. 50 blog sites in four days, 108 (wonderful) comments, (all of whose names I need to enter on a  randomizing-list site for a raffle drawing), 50 amazing blog hostesses (all of whom I must thank for their pure awesomeness), who knows how many tweets, many new friends and much new knowledge, oh and shall I also state that between this support and some paid promo efforts to get the book listed on free book listing sites, The Last Straw went from:

1,125 in Kindle Free store

on day 1, T-zero


410 on day 1, 7:33 PM, which is also when Amazon started reporting the category:

Kindle -> Kindle ebooks -> Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Romance -> Contemporary

In which it ranked 93. (Do they start reporting the category when you reach the top 100? Not sure. It could just be a timing thing.)

On the start of day 4, it hit:

38 in Kindle free

12 in Kindle -> Kindle ebooks -> Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Romance -> Contemporary

Wow. Not expected. A bunch of people actually read it already, too. HOORAY!

8 thoughts on “Five ways to know if you’re a writer

  1. I’m so impressed, I’m revving up towards my first promotion and feeling petrified, I’m glad yours went well, fingers crossed I don’t fall flat on my face with mine. 🙂


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