Agapanthus, Sony A300 versus Panasonic DMC-ZS40

This is a little sad. I am starting to wonder if I’m going to continue using the DSLR. I still like its color hues more, but I know I can adjust that in the Panasonic. In fact the Panasonic does bracketed exposure. And you can also adjust brilliance.

The first shot is with the Sony DSLR. I just couldn’t get it to focus any closer.


The second one is with the Panasonic. I learned how to adjust the depth of field. I had to do that after looking at the macros I took yesterday in which the only things in focus were the tips of the stamens. Wow, that’s powerful, but I didn’t want the stamens as the subject. (Although it is good to know it’s possible to get that tight of a macro.)

I did put that shot at the end so you can see. I think the f-stop was 3.3 on that one at the end.

Adjusting depth of field is very easy. I think this was about 4.5.


Here is yesterday’s shot at 3.3.


Here is a comparison of leaves: the DSLR first, followed by the Panasonic.



So, I’m having a crisis over whether or not I’m going to find myself ever using my DSLR any more. My husband says not to worry about it. It’s five years later and the technology has simply improved.