Cover reveal, Third Strike’s the Charm

It’s sort of still Monday…well, it is still Monday in Hawaii, or will be for 7 more minutes as of this writing. I had a very busy day today, and I don’t have any new photos for you, so I didn’t think I’d get my post done. But I wanted to try. I booted my computer just now and scanned my work email. In it was the cover art for Third Strike’s the Charm! Perfect for a blog post.

I was so nervous about opening it. I gave the artist a lot of direction. I wanted it to fit the book into books of similar types. I wanted it to be flirty. I wanted a beach. I wanted a big guy. I sent her a lot of art from the stock source the publisher uses, but I never found the right hair for the woman. The heroine is Latina. The hero is an athlete, a major-league pitcher. Of course he’s handsome; it’s a romance. Well, the artist found the perfect couple. It’s weird because Cara has cool undertones to her skin. I did not specify that to the artist. I’m not crazy or a diva. (I don’t think.) But wow, the cover gal has it.

I’m totally over the moon about this. Enough talk, here it is.


I’m working on the galleys now. I proofread by reading backwards one sentence at a time. That took me 6 days. Now I’m reading it forwards. That goes a lot faster! I can only fix typos now. But I am requesting a few slightly longer changes here and there. For the longer changes, I counted out letters so that the replacement words won’t change the layout. I really wanted to add a thought, and I wrote it out several ways until I could get the number of characters to fit in the space. That’s an interesting way to write! LOL I hope the editor lets me make those few changes even though they are not just typos.

I also read the manuscript backwards during the second edit and that time I made a lot of changes. It’s okay to make changes at that point (as long as your editor approves.) It was so revealing to read it that way that I have written it into my process. I’m always going to read the book backwards now when I’m editing, actually before I submit to an editor in the first place.

I love polishing. It’s my favorite part.

Getting the cover, when it’s just what I want, is also very fun.

Have a great week. Tomorrow I plan to go outside and get some photos for Friday’s post.