You want to sail through your life like a beautiful ship. book review New York City Ballet Workout, Peter Martins


…aware of your body as you move through space.


Gorgeous, in every way. The photos are art, the posed dancers are art, the philosophy is beauty, the effect is immediate. Feel looser and stronger after one workout. Be inspired while you do it.

…If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. It sounds simple, but when you look better and feel better your outlook on life improves. That’s why I believe this workout is a success — because it’s not only based on dance, it’s grounded in good health.

…I think ballet can bring something to everyone. Dance, by its very nature, by the fact that glorious bodies are moving through space, needs no translation. Ballet is a beautiful art form. And dancers are not just beautiful people, they are some of the most dedicated people I know. Ballet is pure and demands you serve something larger than yourself, whether it be beauty or art, or a combination of both. It requires discipline, taking care of yourself, taking care of your own body first. Then it allows you to give of that beauty, the beauty that you acquire by sculpting your own body all your life.

We try to reflect many of these aspects of ballet in our workout. See if by using these techniques to sculpt your outer self, you don’t find a new poise and confidence radiating from your inner self is well.

Peter Martins

Ballet Master in Chief
New York City Ballet
New York City Ballet Workout, Fifty Stretches and Exercises Anyone Can Do for a Strong, Graceful, and Sculpted Body