A kiwi…night bird for a night owl

Seeing kiwis is rare. We were walking to our hotel in Paihia after a long day of touring and a late dinner out for the trip, and my husband spotted one. I managed to get my camera out and turn on the flash in time to capture its body in the edge of the frame.


We took this sighting as a good omen. I wanted it to share it with you, so the cute little kiwi could be a good omen for you as well.

Happy Halloween and here’s to a wonderful November. For many writers, including me, November is novel writing month. November has a nice holiday in it for Americans. It’s summer in Australia, even as the snow is starting to fly here in the California Sierras. So whatever November means to you, may it be filled with peace, good food, and achievements in whatever realm is important to you.