Reading groups and websites

I tried to create a new website using WordPress and a static page. Wow, that was hard. Either I couldn’t figure it out, or you really have no freedom. I went back over to Wix and was able to do what I wanted, which was to change the colors. Easy peasy. It’s all done now at, if you want to take a look, but basically, the colors are like this blog site. I did add the draft blurb for the new book to the Books tab.

What a relief to have another book coming for my website and my blog sidebars! I can’t wait for the cover. As for the edits, I think I’ll take a sedative before opening that email, LOL.

Anyway, I made some colors I really like in Photoshop and put them in color swatches. Then I copied the Hex code for the color from the color in Photoshop and went to Wix, to the background color, opened the custom color option, found the Hex # field, and pasted the number. Done. doesn’t seem to let you change the colors. You have to use a theme, and they give you a couple of their palettes to go with it. I bet they help keep you from putting up clashing colors, but I want total freedom. I am building swatches from Latin American colors, really vibrant. However I avoided using my beautiful intense red. Even I know one had better know what one is doing before using red. For one thing it looks like blood. I also have a gorgeous green, but I heard you have to be careful with that too. Ditto yellow. That leaves blue, LOL! I did get wild and crazy and put pink in the menu background color. Pink was not in my palette, but I figured pink is safe. Oh…and the blue? Photoshop transformed it into a Web friendly version. I figured I’d better accept the advice on that one. So, basically, I was railroaded into one main color that was a little like my original vision. But I’m happy with the outcome.

I need to start learning about design. My local community college has classes, but I’m going to try the library first. I’d like to learn the principles of color in web design and about visual branding. That way I can have the freedom that comes with knowledge to add to the freedom that comes with Wix.

Today’s photos are from a sunset I caught in Campbell before my romance reading group. I love yellow houses. We are going to paint our house yellow. I’m really excited about that. But our house isn’t wooden like this, nor does it have a white picket fence. My husband says a white picket fence would clash with the style of our house. I think he’s probably right, sigh.

Yellow house at twilight windows reflecting the sunset
A cozy house at twilight

On the bright side, I looked up what is required to build a fence. Since we are Do-It-Yourselfers, no thanks.

I thought the library looked really nice in the light of sunset.

I love libraries. 

Well this is it. It’s Friday. Or in the case of Australia, Saturday.

What do you plan to do this weekend? Any cooking, writing, photography, socializing, or sleeping in? Reading? Sports?