Sunny days and writing with passion

I really can’t get over how pretty the weather was at Lake Tahoe this week. I’ve never gone all the way to Sand Harbor, which is a long drive from where we stay, in the winter time. It’s worth the drive.


I missed talking to you on Wednesday, but I did make more progress on my new book. I read one time that at a bookstore author book signing a long time ago, when Stephen King was still a fairly new author so not well-known, the line in front of his table was really long, much longer than at the other author’s table, and the person who wrote the article had the theory that it’s because Stephen King is excited about what he’s writing. That excitement shines through.

That’s how I feel with my next book/series. Excited. Hopefully that will shine through!

Here’s the other photo…I remembered I have some nice ones from  Roosevelt Island from my trip there in September. I developed this one for you. Another beautiful day to enjoy.

Queensboro Bridge seen from Roosevelt Island New York

How was your week?