Appetizers at The Georgian, Santa Monica

Savory with sweet or at least the appearance of sweet gave us a surprise. Croquet Monsieur was ham and cheese inside French toast! With some berries and powdered sugar!


And these look sweet but they aren’t. They are goat cheese on toast.


Exotic cars tended to be parked in front. (The valets moved the regular cars into the garage, but left the Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the spaces in front.)


Sunshine Award, and some sunshine from Southern California


Many thanks to Michelle at KidazzleInk for nominating me for The Sunshine Award! I invite you to go check out her wonderful travel memoirs blog. Like Michelle who said in her Sunshine Award post that blogging has become a passion for her, blogging is a passion of mine because of the community of people. The positive thoughts and encouragement combined with getting to see so many perspectives on this world is now a background against which I live my life. I think about what I read and the conversations I have in the blogosphere, I’ve made friends here, I think about what I can do to share something with you every day, and my world is expanded.

Now for 10 Interesting  things about me:

  1. I’m finishing up the first draft of a science fiction novel that I’m co-authoring with a poet I met on Twitter. (We expect to do four drafts before we start looking for an agent.)
  2. I’m really not sure I would want my genome mapped. (The price is coming down on it.)
  3. I believe the world is getting better.
  4. I lived with a family in the south of France for three months when I was 22 and by the end I started thinking in French and dreaming in French.
  5. I was an English major and then became a math major in college because I wanted to develop both sides of my brain. It felt kind of weird in my brain, but that might have been my imagination! In any case, getting through Calculus and so on really boosted my confidence and later the combination was excellent for being a technical writer.
  6. I went to Australia and visited a friend I met through blogging.
  7. My dreams usually have sound tracks.
  8. I sometimes “write” in my dreams.
  9. I’m on the border of being an introvert and extrovert. The internet has been perfect for me because I can spend all day writing (introverted) but still stay connected to friends (extroverted) including making a friend who now co-authors with me (see number 1!).
  10. I used to be able to run long distances (15 miles) without training.

I would like to pay it forward to these bloggers who add to the sunshine in my daily life:

For my nominees who would like to accept this award, here are the rules:

  1. Display the Award on your blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present around 10 deserving bloggers with the Award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.
  5. Write 10 interesting things about you

To close this day of gratitude, here is a bit of sunshine from Southern California:

Santa Monica
Santa Monica