City Hall Stockholm

The city hall of Stockholm was really fun to visit.

We were there just before an election and there were campaign signs up everywhere. We walked there, which was quite a ways, and the signs for candidates became denser the closer we came to City Hall.

This is the approach.


We passed the back side of the castle and saw some of the foot guards going up this back road, which was on the other side of the wall where we had watched the changing of the guard the day before. We had been standing by a door, which they opened to admit the guards who started the ceremony. On the way to City Hall, we saw the guards queued up behind the door.   (This shot doesn’t have the guards, it just show the bridge leading up to the back of palace.)


There’s a cafeteria in City Hall where we had, for Sweden, a moderately priced lunch.

This shot isn’t city hall, actually, but it’s across from it.


City hall is more of a traditional looking building.

There’s a funny story behind this weird Medusa looking figure, which is in a very beautiful room. That’s real gold paint, by the way. Anyway, what happened was the artist died and the architect had to get someone else to do the figure. I think the substitute artist wasn’t quite as good. The citizens of Stockholm weren’t too pleased with the result! It’s quite huge, too…he he.


This is the roof of the meeting room, which is lovely. I was wishing I had Leanne Cole’s photography skills. Stockholm-City-Hall-2 I didn’t get great shots of the meeting room, but you can see what it looks like here:

Stockholm-City-Hall-1The blue room is a huge hall where they seat the Nobel Prize laureates for the formal dinner.


Here is the what the place setting for the Nobel prize dinner looks like:


They have around 1,300 guests. The number is exact, and all the places are measured precisely so everyone can fit.

At the end of the tour there was this brightly colored board. We figured out all the colored discs were people’s tour stickers. So we added ours. It was kind of fun.


Overall, the tour was really good. I recommend it.