Skansen, the open air folk museum on Djargarden, Stockholm

This open-air museum is vast, very well supported by local talent, and thoroughly wonderful. It’s great for families. The steps have sections built for strollers, with smooth ramps surrounding narrow steps so the wheels roll smoothly while mom or dad walks down the steps. Speaking of steps, a lot of Skansen is on top of a big hill, but you don’t have to hike up there. Instead a huge escalator takes you to the top. From up there, you can look out over Stockholm for great views and wander around learning all kinds of things about Swedish history. People play traditional music throughout the park, so you may be strolling along and find a floutist settled by a tree playing an old folk song.

I wanted to see the exhibit about the Sami people. It’s great to have one exhibit on the far end of the park to focus on because it gives you some direction. On the way, we stopped by the glass blowing hut and watched an amazing demonstration. Then we stopped by a hundred year old furniture making shop that was moved to the park. We chatted with the wonderful man who was working there and discussed the cool equipment and the old furniture making techniques. Then we stopped by the machine making shop. Then we passed a rose garden and, getting a bit lost, passed a stage with folk dancing, a bake shop where we discussed the  making of Swedish flatbreads from barley with the person working there and tried a delicious sample, then passed a dance floor where people were whirling around in traditional attire.

Finally we sorted out how to read the map and found our way to the area showing examples of the homes, temporary structures, storage buildings and reindeer paddocks of the Sami people. Finally we wandered back, passing by more musicians…violinists gathered in trios and playing music along the way and a formal amphitheater where people had gathered for a concert.

View of Stockholm from Skansen
Remember these? In the machine shop.
Making glass

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