2013 retrospective, part 3

I learned from Leanne Cole it’s not a big deal to tote along my DSLR. Just use a backpack and you’re good to go!

Or have it nearby so when something amazing happens outside your window you can just step outside and shoot.

I also learned to make sure I have the battery charger in that backpack. These were the only ones I got to take in Australia with the camera due to leaving the charger behind. But I do like them a lot!



I learned from iPhone Photographer that there’s a lot you can do with photography with just a phone. I’m going to look for a similar app for an Android.

I learned to think differently from VeganComics. (We’re eating veg 5 days a week and there’s a word for this — occasionarian!)

I learned a lot more from other people’s blogs, but I just highlighted a few things I learned that were reflected here in my own posts.

Happy new year! May it be creative, healthy, peaceful and happy.

Impressions of Australia, 1

You’ve seen some of these before. These are digital paintings, though. These take some time to do so I’ll have to post them a couple at a time. These are Victoria.


Here is the Port Lonsdale Pier again. You know what? After all that photo manipulation I tried yesterday, I decided to try Corel Painting Essentials today and I like this one the most.


I took this at night in Melbourne. It is a blurry photo but for a painting that doesn’t matter so much.


Lighthouses of Victoria, Australia, 1, Split Point

Leanne (of Leanne Cole Photography fame) took us to this fabulous spot. I must admit that at the time I was dizzy from travel and not really able to absorb everything. I mean Melbourne and The Great Ocean Road are somewhat overwhelming. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much mental alertness to point a camera and click. Now I can go back and enjoy some of the nuances of the experiences.

Looking at these photos reminds me of the feeling I had at this light house. The feeling was cozy. Some lighthouses feel lonely to me.

I wonder if you will get that feeling from the photos.

P1060857 P1060869 P1060853 P1060856 P1060861 P1060876 P1060877

Port Lonsdale pier, Victoria, Australia

Leanne broke me through! I now love working with my DSLR. My battery died, so I didn’t work with it a lot on that day, but I’m no longer reluctant to use it after seeing her use hers with as much ease as I use my compact. I just soaked up her photography habits like a sponge. At first I was intimidated and afraid to take pictures because I was with a “real” photographer. But we talked nonstop and almost immediately on the first stop, Port Lonsdale, I felt I was with an old friend and I just started taking all the weird little photos that caught my eye after getting the big obvious ones out of the way! Leanne understands.

Leanne told me about  RAW format. I decided to use it with PhotoShop Elements, a light-weight version of Photoshop that came with my Wacom Bamboo. I just started experimenting with it. The first is the original and the second I increased the black. I am missing some features and it was hard to figure out how I saved this, but I’ve seen enough to know I want the software and I want RAW files. And I love my DSLR. I just keep it on auto. One step at a time. At least now I’m pulling out the big guy and not being intimidated by it.


Which do you like more?SONY DSC


I like the soft coloring of the first one and the detail in the sky of the second one.