Leanne broke me through! I now love working with my DSLR. My battery died, so I didn’t work with it a lot on that day, but I’m no longer reluctant to use it after seeing her use hers with as much ease as I use my compact. I just soaked up her photography habits like a sponge. At first I was intimidated and afraid to take pictures because I was with a “real” photographer. But we talked nonstop and almost immediately on the first stop, Port Lonsdale, I felt I was with an old friend and I just started taking all the weird little photos that caught my eye after getting the big obvious ones out of the way! Leanne understands.

Leanne told me about  RAW format. I decided to use it with PhotoShop Elements, a light-weight version of Photoshop that came with my Wacom Bamboo. I just started experimenting with it. The first is the original and the second I increased the black. I am missing some features and it was hard to figure out how I saved this, but I’ve seen enough to know I want the software and I want RAW files. And I love my DSLR. I just keep it on auto. One step at a time. At least now I’m pulling out the big guy and not being intimidated by it.


Which do you like more?SONY DSC


I like the soft coloring of the first one and the detail in the sky of the second one.

8 thoughts on “Port Lonsdale pier, Victoria, Australia

  1. Hey Nia, great photo, I have one the same, LOL. I think I like somewhere in between, I love the sky in the second one, but you lost all the pier and the details around it. Were you using levels for this? If you were, maybe get the middle triangle on the slider and take it a little to the left, might help with that detail and it might leave the sky the way it is. I was disappointed at first with that sky, but it made some really great shots, like this one.


    1. Thank you, Leanne, I will try that! I was using the sliders. I tried them all one at a time, setting each of them back to the original after looking at the preview, and then settled on just adjusting the black. Thanks for pointing out what I lost with the over dramatization. Those piers are lovely. Why make them black? Also, I don’t like how the water color changed and the sky is too blue, but I enjoy the detail in the sky. I’m excited to start learning to work with RAW and to develop my eye.


  2. Glad to hear you’re getting comfortable with the DSLR. I agree, the sky is better in the 2nd photo, but the shadows around the pier are too dark. Keep practicing with RAW and your photos will get so much better 🙂


    1. Thanks, Tracey! I decided this morning that I am going to work more on the photo and do a post about it! I really appreciate all the support and feedback from my followers. The interaction is greatly encouraging.



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